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Canadian Studies

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Canadian Studies
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Canadian Studies
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (combined degree with the Faculty of Education)
Minor in Canadian Studies
Co-operative Education

What is Canadian Studies?

As a Canadian Studies student you will examine emerging issues facing our country from within our borders and without, including our relationship with our closest neighbour - the United States - and our participation in the global sphere.

At the core of every Canadian Studies course are three questions:

 What does it mean to be Canadian?
 What makes our society different from and similar to others around the world?
 What makes Canada work?

The program helps you understand the history, people, industry and politics of Canada, and our unique institutions, policies and identities. You will be exposed to a broad approach that considers many perspectives:

 Social
 Religious
 Geographical
 Political
 Cultural
 Economic
 Educational
 Legal

The issues you will learn about in Canadian Studies include:

 Canada's foreign policy, political system and national institutions
 Canada's diverse regional and multicultural identities
 The responsibilities and expectations of citizenship in Canada
 Canadian arts and culture
 Canadian law and public policy
 Natural resources and the environment
 National and regional trade and development

You are also encouraged to study a second language such as French or a Native language.

Joint Degree with the Faculty of Education

You may pursue a five-year program which leads to both the Bachelor of Arts in Canadian Studies degree and the Bachelor of Education (Master of Teaching Program) degree.

Possible Careers

 Diplomatic Officer
 Foreign Services Officer
 Government Relations Advisor
 Heritage Interpreter
 Historical Researcher
 Human Rights Advocate
 Immigration Officer
 Indigenous Consultant
 Journalist
 Labour Relations Representative
 Legislative Aide
 Policy Analyst
 Teacher

For more information about the field of Canadian Studies, please take a look at the CSN-REC (Canadian Studies Network-Reseau d'etudes canadiennes) website at

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