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Application Process

Submitted by bjoslaws on Thu, 05/10/2007 - 3:29pm

Application Deadlines and Timetable:

The deadline for applications to be considered for September 2017 Admission with financial aid is January 15, 2017. (Doctoral Applicants: Please ensure that you apply for the Open Doctoral Scholarship Competition!). 

The deadline for applications to be considered for September 2017 Admission without financial assistance is April 15th, 2017. 

The deadline for the Faculty of Graduate Studies Graduate Award Competition is:  February 1, 2017.

Application link.

Students are encouraged to apply well in advance of these dates.   

Application Process:

Applications for admission may be submitted through the on-line application to the Department of History.  Please see "The Important Elements" before completing your application. 

Candidates for both the MA and PhD programs are asked to provide the following: 

  • completed online application  Masters applicants: Please ensure that you choose the Full-time Thesis-based program and not the Part-time Course-based program unless you are only looking to attend part-time.  

    NOTE:  most of your supporting documentation may be uploaded directly on to your on-line application.  If you have any problems uploading the documents required, please send them by email to  

  • two official copies of all post-secondary transcripts (including graduate work in the case of PhD applicants).  Please  upload copies of unofficial transcripts directly onto your on-line application.  In addition you will need to arrange to have official transcripts sent directly from your post-secondary institutions to:
            Department of History 
            Social Science Building 656 
            2500 University Drive NW
            Calgary AB  T2N 1N4                          
  • two confidential reference forms from persons well acquainted with the applicant’s academic work.  Referees will be sent an email and instructions to upload the reference form to your on-line application.  In cases where a referee is unable to use the on-line form, he or she can send an email to  

  • a statement of research interest. Please upload this to your on-line application.  (Please note that this is not a biographical statement).

MA applicants are asked to submit a statement of research interest which outlines, as specifically as possible, the area of history in which the student intends to concentrate. (Minimum of 250 words). 

PhD applicants should submit a detailed statement of research interest, outlining the fields and course of study they wish to pursue in the program, and a statement of their academic career  goals. (Approximately 2 pages single spaced).  

  • a sample of the applicant's written work (in English). Please upload this to your on-line application.

MA students are encouraged to send a sample of their written work that best reflects both their writing and research ability. Honours essays are particularly invited. 

PhD students are encouraged to send their MA thesis, a publication, or a substantial research paper. 

  • a curriculum vitae that highlights both their academic and non-academic achievements, particularly extracurricular activities and/or community involvement that demonstrate leadership or leadership potential. Please upload this to your on-line application.


Admission Requirements:  

MA Program: Applicants for the MA program are normally expected to have completed a four-year undergraduate program with honours or a major in History. Usually this entails at least seven full-year History courses (or fourteen half-courses). Credit may be given for up to two courses in other disciplines, if the proposed area of study makes this appropriate. 

Applicants should have attained a minimum average grade of 3.4 on a four-point scale (or its equivalent on other scales, or upper second class standing) over the last two years of their undergraduate programs.

PhD Program: Applicants for the PhD program should normally meet the requirements for the MA program and also have completed a Master's degree or its equivalent in history or in some related discipline, with a 3.7 standing or better in history courses taken at the graduate level.

Given resource limitations, please note that not all qualified students will necessarily be accepted to the MA and PhD programs.