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Latest Book Edition by Tim Stapleton

Researching nineteenth-century pre-Lenten celebrations

Two faculty members win 2015 SSHRC Insight Grants for work in their field.

One of our most recently minted PhDs has taken a job in Syracuse, New York.

Awarded to the best undergraduate thesis in Canadian Labour History.

Event sponsored by the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Awarded biennially by the Canadian Catholic Historical Association 

Awarded by the National Capital Committee on the Scholarship and Dissemination of Women’s History

Renato Lira and Francisco Vallejo working with Drs. Hendrik Kraay and Amelia Kiddle 

Indian Country Today Media Network (ICTMN) featured American Indian women history professors teaching in U.S. universities for Women’s History Month in March.  Here are some of their Canadian counterparts. 

Dr. Annette Timm gave the keynote address at the Kinsey Symposium held at Bowdoin College in Maine, May 4-5, 2016. 

Visiting MA student Esteban Morales wins CONACYT research grant

Dr. Petra Dolata recently visited Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

To Be Awarded at Convocation on May 19

Alison Bumstead wins award for paper on “Allied Surgical Planning for the Invasion of Normandy”