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BA Honours in History

Submitted by srtariqu on Tue, 04/08/2014 - 9:36am

To apply to the Honours Program in History, complete the application form which can be given to you from the main office, SS 656.  We accept applications year-round.  You will be required to find an area of research and supervisor before returning the completed application to the main office.  

Should you have questions you can contact the Honours Program Committee Chair, currently Dr. Glenn Wilkinson, or the department main office number 220-6401.

See the university calendar, under 4.34.2 BA Honours in History, for the history honours requirements.

The Faculty of Arts regulations, 3.4.2. Honours Degrees with a Major Fields provides more detailed information, including the minimum academic achievement (GPA requirement) . 

We suggest students get in touch with the Honours Porgram Committee Chair , at the earliest, the end of their first year, and at the latest, the end of their second year.  Most requirements will traditionally be fulfilled in the third and fourth year of program.