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Funded Research

Departmental SSHRC Research Grants, by Year of Award 


Amelia Kiddle, Insight Grant: “The 1938 Mexican oil expropriation and the roots of resource nationalism in

Tim Stapleton, Insight Grant: “Military culture in British Colonial West Africa, c1860-1960.” 


George Colpitts, Insight Grant: "Treaty Trade: Cash and the Monetization of Aboriginal-Newcomer Relations in Canada 1874-1925"

Hendrik Kraay, Insight Grant: "From Entrudo to Carnaval in Brazil"


Kenneth R.  MacMillan, Insight Grant: “The Meaning of Conquest in England and the Atlantic, circa 1500-1700”

Frank W. Stahnisch, Insight Development Grant, “German-Speaking Émigré-Neuroscientists in Canada and the United States, 1930s to 1970s”

Paul J. Stortz (co-investigator with E. Lisa Panayotidis, Faculty of Education), Insight Grant: “Life among the Academic Groves: Intersections of Space and Intellectual Cultures on English-Canadian University Campuses, 1850-1950”


Heather Devine, Insight Grant: “The J. X. LaRocque Papers: Métis History and Politics in Southern Saskatchewan, 1886-1945”

Paul J. Stortz, Insight Grant: "The University Professoriate and Constructions of Western Canadian Communities, 1900-1950"

Annette F. Timm, Insight Development Grant: “Eros in the Archive”


David J. Bercuson, SRG: “After Somalia: The Minister’s Monitoring Committee and the Reform Government in the Canadian Forces”

Hendrik Kraay, SRG: “Popular Festival and Civic Ritual in a Brazilian City: The 2 July Celebration in Twentieth-Century Salvador, Bahia”


Warren M. Elofson, SRG: “Comparing Cattle Ranching Frontiers:  Australia and North America”

Nancy E. Janovicek, SRG: “Coalitions and Conflicts in the Back-to-the-Land Movement of the West Kootenays”

G. Francine Michaud, SRG: “La condition des travailleurs urbains et ruraux en Provence mediévale”


Jewel L. Spangler, SRG:“American Mourning: Disaster in Early National Richmond as History and Memory”


John R. Ferris, SRG: “British and American Intelligence and the Road to the Pacific War, 1936-1941”

Holger H. Herwig, SRG: “The Great Lion: Admiral Karl Doenitz and the Corruption of Command”

Frank H. Towers, SRG: “The Slave Power’s Grassroots: Federal Proslavery Politics and Local Electorates in the United States, 1840-1861”


Kenneth R. MacMillan, SRG: “The Idea of Conquest in England, 1485-1650”


Annette F. Timm, SRG: “Lebensborn and the Sexualization of the Nazi Past”


George W. Colpitts, SRG: “First Nations Communities and the Management of Game on Reserved Hunting Spaces during the Inter-war Period in Canada”

Warren M. Elofson, SRG: “Great Ranches on the Great Plains”

Holger H. Herwig, SRG: “Slaughter in Paradise: Nazi U-boats and Allied Oil, the Caribbean, 1942-1943”