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Submitted by bjoslaws on Thu, 05/10/2007 - 3:29pm

History Department Graduate Funding Policy Statement

In accord with the University of Calgary Graduate Funding Position, the History Department seeks to guarantee minimum funding for each PhD student who is admitted to the program and who applies for funding.  The minimum level of funding for a doctoral student is determined through benchmarking with comparable history departments in Canada. We offer all doctoral students the equivalent of $13,500 plus the equivalent of domestic tuition and general fees. The department strives to provide some financial support for all graduate students. 

Support may come from a combination of internal or external scholarships, trust funds, Faculty of Graduate Studies Scholarships (FGSS), Graduate Assistantships (Teaching or Research) [GA T/R], Graduate Teaching Fellowships (GTF), etc.  A measure of self-funding may be included.  Departmental funding offers are intended to guarantee minimum funding, and may be adjusted if funding from other sources is awarded.  Funding is subject to the following expectations and conditions: 

The department’s priorities for graduate student funding are:

Priority 1:  All Doctoral students who are in the first four years of the doctoral program.

Priority 2:  Masters students in the first year of the program as ranked by the Graduate Studies Committee.

Priority 3:  Masters students in the second year of their program as ranked by the Graduate Studies Committee.

Priority 4:  Doctoral students in the fifth or subsequent years of their program.

Continued funding is dependent on good academic standing and normal academic progress.  The Graduate Studies Committee regularly reviews student progress, and may, for cause, withdraw funding or change a student’s funding priority.  The GSC judges academic standing on a number of factors, including fulfilling degree requirements, grades, students’ annual progress reports, and supervisors’ and instructors’ comments.  Ordinarily, an A- average and timely progress in taking language examinations and comprehensive examinations are indicators of good academic standing.  Conscientious fulfillment of teaching and research obligations is expected.

Students receiving funding from the History Department or the University of Calgary are expected to apply for all external funding for which they are qualified.

Each academic year the department will establish in writing with each student and the student’s supervisor the sources of funding for the student for that year, and the external funding for which the student will apply.

* The History Department seeks to exceed its own minimum funding policy.

Approved May 2009.