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Submitted by bjoslaws on Thu, 07/22/2010 - 10:36am

The History Department at the University of Calgary offers two types of M.A. programs.  

A minimum of one year of full-time study at the University of Calgary

Three full-course equivalents (including History 690[HTST690]) in two semesters of course work.

Areas of specialization are: Canada, Europe, Latin America, United States, Britain, Imperial India, China, Atlantic History, History of Science, Intellectual History, Military-Diplomatic History, Political History, Popular Culture, Religious History, History of Gender and Sexuality, Social History, and Western Canada/Borderlands/Frontier.

Students must take one half-course seminar in a field unrelated to the student’s main research interest. In instances where there are no seminars being offered in the student’s research field, students may, with permission of the chair of graduate studies, take one 500-level undergraduate seminar but on the understanding that extra course work will be required. The Graduate Studies Committee may vote to allow students to enrol in HTST 691 Directed Reading courses after reviewing a written request from the student's supervisor.

A thesis of 80 to 150 pages, including notes, charts, tables and appendices, but excluding bibliography. Students begin thesis preparation as they undertake their course work and may fulfill the requirements for their Master of Arts degree in twelve months.

A demonstration of reading knowledge of a second language related to the major field of study prior to the oral thesis defence.

In cooperation with the Department of Philosophy, the History Department offers a Master of Arts degree in the History and Philosophy of Science. Students who choose this concentration are required to take courses in the relevant departments. Candidates enrolled in the Department of History are expected to work with more than one instructor in History.

MASTER OF ARTS (Course-based)
There is no full-time requirement for this program.

A minimum of six full-course equivalents; two may be senior undergraduate courses at the 500-level, two must be graduate seminars and at least two are to be graduate seminars in a secondary field

Completion of History690[HTST690] in the first year and History 651[HTST651] and History 653[HTST653] in the final year of program

A 50–60 page research paper prepared in the final year and defended in an oral examination

A demonstration of reading knowledge of a second language related to the major field of study before the oral examination

Completion of at least one-half course a semester