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Latin American Studies

The academic programs in Latin American Studies are designed around a multidisciplinary curriculum which provides a broad perspective on the region, with a wide variety of possibilities to suit individual student interests. Through our programs, students gain a critical understanding of the region, through academic study, experiential learning in Latin America, and directed research on contemporary issues. Students must gain an intermediate level of proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese, together with the tools for cultural understanding and intercultural awareness. The Major in Latin American studies is designed for students seeking direct engagement in Latin America. The Minor program combines with other programs in the Faculty of Arts.

 "The Latin American Studies program explores the issues that stimulate passion about this vibrant region, while preparing students for a proactive and valuable role in its future." 
  - Denise Brown, Founding Director/Program Coordinator 1999-2009

The University of Calgary possesses a number of areas of research strength in History, Political Science, Archaeology, Geography and Latin American literary analysis. The Latin American Studies Program (LAST) rests upon these areas of research excellence.

The Latin American Studies program produces graduates trained to make a contribution to the region, and to international relations between the region and Canada. Graduates have excellent skills in research, analysis, and intercultural communication. They have a broad understanding of critical issues in the region, and a commitment to making a contribution to the future of the Americas.


Major in Latin American Studies | Details

In 1999, the University approved a BA Program with a Major in Latin American studies, which allows students to obtain an up-to-date and multi-disciplinary background in this region. This program is well-suited to students who have a curiosity about the region and an inquiry-based approach to learning, leading them away from conventional disciplinary programs of study. Students are required to attain intermediate proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese, and are encouraged to combine this with field experiences in Latin America, and international study abroad. Click here for more information on studying abroad. 

Minor in Latin American Studies | Details

Students can take a Minor in Latin American Studies which prepares them for careers in multicultural and multidisciplinary settings in the Americas. As Canada's links with Latin America broaden and diversify, we need qualified experts in many fields, including business, tourism, information systems, research, education, and development. By combining this Latin American Studies Minor with a Major in a conventional discipline, graduates of this program will be conversant in the many cultures and regions of Latin America, as well as versatile and creative within the disciplinary focus of their choice.

The program provides expertise in language, culture, history, geography, and political and social institutions. In an era of global linkages, employers are more sensitive than ever to the importance of multicultural understanding in the workplace. This minor program addresses this need, by endeavouring to provide students with the opportunity to develop communication and cultural skills to complement their academic disciplinary background, which are currently needed in the workforce.