University of Calgary

New Perspectives on Forced Migration in the History of Twentieth-Century Neuroscience


Frank W. Stahnisch
Russell, Guel


This volume, comprised of six chapters and one commentary, reflects on the multifold dimensions of intellectual migration in the neurosciences and illustrates them by relevant case studies, biographies, and surveys from twentieth-century history of science and medicine perspectives. It strives to emphasize the impact of forced migration in the neurosciences and psychiatry from an interdisciplin- ary perspective by, first, describing the general research topic, second, by showing how new models can be applied to the historiography and social studies of twentieth-century neuroscience, and, third, by providing a deeper understanding of the impact of European émigré researchers on emerging allied fields, such as neurogenetics, biological psychiatry, psychosomatics, and public mental health, etc. as resulting from this process at large.


Taylor & Francis
Oxford, UK
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