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Dr. Frank Stahnisch presented at the MPI for Human Development in Berlin

Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Germany

Frank W. Stahnisch, Alberta Medical Foundation/Hannah Professor in the History of Medicine and Health Care, was recently invited to present a paper, entitled “Between Gestaltpsychology and a Neurology of «Symbolic Forms» – Kurt Goldstein’s (1878-1965) Holistic Approach to Diagnostics, Therapy, and Patient Rehabilitation, 1919 to 1939” at the Max-Planck-Institute for Human Development in Berlin (Germany).  This paper, which was presented on June 9, 2017, formed part of a specialized workshop on the “Examining the Whole Human Being. Psychosomatic Medicine in the Twentieth Century.”  It was organized by Dr. Bettina Hitzer, Senior Research Scholar at the Max-Planck-Institute for Human Development, and by Dr. Alexa Geisthoevel, Research Associate at the Institute for the History and Ethics of Medicine, at the Humboldt University (Charité) Berlin (Germany).  This conference was situated at the main conference site of the Harnack House of the German Max-Planck-Society; and the papers presented at this workshop by international scholars in the field are foreseen to be published in a peer-reviewed edited collection in a German academic press.  Dr. Stahnisch’s paper on Kurt Goldstein’s relations to the Gestalt psychological school thereby forms part of his ongoing research on German-speaking émigré neuroscientists and psychiatrists in North America.

Max Planck Institute for Human Development

June 2017