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New Arctic Institute fonds investigated by PURE Award winner Benjamin Sasges

Small bush planes played a critical role in delivering health care to remote Arctic locations, however, they also symbolized unilateral government incursion into Inuit communities.

The Lewis E. C. Davies fonds, a collection of correspondences, manuscripts, reports, and talks from the late forties to the mid sixties, was donated to AINA in 1987. Since then, researchers from multiple disciplines have investigated the valuable resource for information about indigenous healthcare. This summer, one of the history department's PURE award winners is using the fonds as the basis for an investigation into transportation infrastructure in the Arctic. Benjamin Sasges hopes to use this research to add to the literature on Indian Health Service's(IHS) policy at the time, and to examine the evolution of a system in the process of centralization. Additionally, the fonds contains valuable survey reports which allow the impact of HIS policy to be seen on the ground over time. Mr. Sasges will complete his research paper by mid September and hopes to present his findings at several relevant conferences in the coming year.