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New Book: Last of the Buffalo Return to the Wild

(Photo credit: Daniel Katz/ Crag & Canyon/ Postmedia)

Dr. George Colpitts is an author in the new book, The Last of the Buffalo, a collaborative written by Harvey Locke, Jennifer Rutkair, Leroy Little Bear and the Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation.

The full article about the book and Banff's leading role in saving the buffalo from extinction is written by Daniel Katz, from the website.

"The second chapter of the book, written by Colpitts, explores what factors contributed to the buffalo’s rapid decline in numbers until the species was nearly entirely extinguished by the late 1800s," says Katz from

The book launch is on Saturday October 1 at the Whyte Museum at 2:30 pm.   Authors Locke, Colpitts and Little Bear will be on hand to discuss the book and give a modern perspective on bison conservation.