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BA in Ancient & Medieval History

Submitted by bjoslaws on Mon, 04/30/2007 - 3:32pm

A joint Major in Ancient and Medieval History is offered by the Department of History and the Department of Greek and Roman Studies. Students may register for this Major in either department. For the major, courses constituting the field of Ancient and Medieval History include all of those listed below in REQUIREMENTS 1 - 4.

See Admission requirements for BA in History.

Note: History 201 and Greek and Roman Studies 205 are recommended first-year courses.

  • All of Greek and Roman Studies 341, 345, 347; History 319, 321, 323. This requirement constitutes the core program.
  • At least one full-course equivalent from History 325, 423, 505.
  • At least one full-course equivalent from Greek and Roman Studies 415, 417, 419.
  • Courses from the following list, sufficient to bring the total number of required courses in the field to eight full-course equivalents: History¬† 371, 421.01, 474; Religious Studies 301, 383, 385, 387; Greek and Roman Studies 335, 337, 339, 413, 421, 423, 425; or appropriate special topic/directed reading courses.

Students in this program may not take a Minor or second Major in History or in Greek and Roman Studies; Minors in Greek and Latin are permitted. There is no Minor program in Ancient and Medieval History.