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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 06/08/2009 - 6:27pm

In 2006, the History Graduate Students' Union was organized by two students who wanted to cultivate a sense of community among graduate students sharing a similar experience.  Since that time, the HGSU has grown to over thirty members and hosts both academic and social events.  The objectives of HGSU events are three-fold: first, to create links among graduate students within the Department of History; secondly, to promote interaction between grad students and faculty within the department; and thirdly, to link the department of history with the rest of the University and Calgary community.  To that end, we have initiated the events listed here on the website and continue to introduce new projects to meet these goals.  We invite you to explore our website, and we welcome any suggestions for future activities.     


The HGSU lounge is named the Ranke Room and is located in the department of history, across from the main office in room 645. The Ranke Room exists to promote a spirit of collegiality among the UofC graduate student community. The room features comfortable couches and a relaxed ambiance where you can escape from your readings and have a chat and a coffee with your peers.


The HGSU offers self-serve espresso and regular coffee. Feel free to make a donation in the container provided. Chips and candy are for purchase.