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History 200: Events and Ideas that Shook the World

This course introduces students to the historical craft through a series of short lecture sequences that focus on specific events, ideas, and individuals that changed the course of world history.

History 300: The Practice of History

Provides a grounding in the methods and practice of history.
This is a compulsory course for History majors and prerequisite for History 498 and all 500-level seminars.

History 333: Age of Totalitarianism

Europe from 1900 to the Cold War. Emphasis will be placed on totalitarian regimes in Italy, Germany, and the Soviet Union; war and society in the two world wars; the Holocaust; and the Cold War.

History 413: German History

German history from the Thirty Years' War to the present. Themes include the rise of Brandenburg-Prussia, Austro-Prussian "dualism," mercantilism, Enlightenment, the impact of the French Revolution and Napoleon, the reform movements, sociocultural change in the nineteenth century, liberalism, the revolutions of 1848, German unification, the social and economic foundations of the Second Empire, German overseas expansion, the origins and conduct of both world wars, the Weimar Republic, Nazism, the Holocaust, the postwar settlement, the social, cultural and political impact of the Cold War, and the fall of the Berlin wall and German reunification.

413.01. Germany, 1648 to ca. 1870
413.02. Germany, ca. 1870 to the Present

History 496 (previously 498): Historical Methods and Philosophies of History

A seminar for Honours students on the interrelationship between the philosophies of History and historical methodology.
Restricted to Honours students and open to other qualified senior students with the permission of the Department.

History 507: Gender and Sexuality in Modern Europe

An overview of gender theory in modern European history, with emphasis on issues of sexuality.
A European History course at the 300 or 400 level or consent of the Department.

History 508: Topics in Twentieth-Century German History

Topics may include: thematic explorations and/or comparisons of dictatorial regimes (Nazi Germany and the German Democratic Republic); the history of the GDR; the two Germanies during the Cold War; memory and memorialization in popular culture; the contested formation of a multicultural society; and social protest in the post-WWII period. For further information on specific topics to be offered in any year, consult the History Department.
One of History 307, 333, 375, 381, 383, 411.02, 413.02, 483, 485, 490, 491, or consent of the Department.

History 690: Historiography and Theories of History

Prerequisite course for entering M.A. and Ph.D. students in the Department of History.

History 795: Historiography and Theories of History

Prerequisite course for entering Ph.D. students in the Department of History. No longer offered (combined with 690).